Bryce Moore is an exceptionally gifted singer, worship leader, and vocal coach in Redding, CA.

He has been training under Bethel Music’s vocal coach, Joanna Finchum, for the last two years, teaching private lessons to Bethel Music’s Worship School students, local ministry school students, and students via online private lessons.

As his father was a highly esteemed professional voice teacher in Houston, Bryce grew up listening to countless voice lessons in his home, and has had a lifetime of vocal training himself.

After spending the last 2 years leading worship and studying at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, he is also now interning with Bethel Music Artist and 2nd Year BSSM Worship Pastor Kalley Heiligenthal.

Because of his training and upbringing, Bryce has a phenomenal ear for each individual’s voice and has a gift to help them achieve what they are truly capable of. Bryce loves to watch his students become more confident in what they are capable of and begin to find their identity as vocalists.