How much do lessons cost?

Private In-Person or Video Lessons with Joanna are $75 for 30-minutes. Or save 10% by purchasing a package of 4-consecutive lessons. 

Private In-Person or Video Lessons with Bryce are $35 for 35 minutes. Or save $20 by purchasing a package of 4-consecutive lessons. 

Fees for worship team workshops, weekend events, and studio coaching vary depending on the event details.

What are your payment and cancellation policies?

48-hour notice is required when lessons need to be rescheduled. Fees are due upfront, and are non-refundable. No refunds or cancellations - only rescheduling as schedule allows. 

Why get vocal lessons if I can sing really well already? 

Singers are like vocal athletes; to be a pro and avoid injury, you need to train. With proper training you can get a lot more out of your voice. With more use your vocal cords can become sore, fatigued, and swollen, sometimes developing nodules, which could end a career. Voice lessons will get you through these hazards safely and unleash all of your potential. 

How many lessons do I need? 

This is very much like fitness: you get out what you put in. Every person is different - some need a coach to get through a problem area, others want to continually refine their skill. Issues of range, mix, and vocal health problems can be addressed in just a few lessons, but it takes time and muscle memory to break bad habits, and build new good ones.