Private Skype Voice Lessons

Joanna's skype voice lessons are as fun and effective as one-on-one lessons. You will be surprised by the effectiveness via skype and the ease of learning from distance. With all the personal attention that you need you will get to know technique building vocal exercises, and practical application. 


The single lessons will give you a 30 minute private skype lesson with Joanna where she will start with one-on-one evaluation and technique vocal exercises order it by:

  1. Select a date in my calendar which suits you.
  2. Pay for the lesson with creditcard or paypal.
  3. Put the date in your calendar.


book a money saving package

These packages include 4 single private skype lessons as above but then in a package deal to save you some money. Booking is easy as following:

  1. Order and pay a package online.
  2. You receive the package link to my calendar and redeem within 7 days.
  3. Make your 4 appointments as single or weekly event as you want.
  4. Put the dates in your calendar.

BOOK direct a priVate lesson into my calendar...