Joanna is an excellent vocal coach. She is an amazing gift to us here at Bethel.
— Brian Johnson, Worship Pastor and Recording Artist, Bethel Music

When I started working with Joanna, the way I approached singing completely changed. In the past year I have truly fallen in love with my own voice and learned sustainable rhythms to sing properly but not over sing. Now going on tour and singing for days and weeks at a time isn’t scary. The fear of losing my voice is gone. Learning to take care of my voice daily has been a complete game changer. The deepening of my core beliefs about myself and my voice have strengthened my heart and soul so much. Thank you Joanna for being amazing and patient.
— Melissa Helser, Worship Leader & Recording Artist, Bethel Music

Taking vocal lessons from Joanna has been an incredible source of confidence and strength in my vocal journey. It’s always vulnerable getting help, but I constantly leave lessons feeling empowered, resourced and believed in. She has a remarkable precision with measurable, quick results and tools that can actually be incorporated into my life. It’s a great feeling knowing I’m investing in my long term vocal health and performance with Joanna!
— Kalley Heiligenthal, Worship Leader & Recording Artist, Bethel Music

My voice lessons with Joanna have strengthened my voice and given me practical steps and exercises to get better. She has helped me in recognizing poor vocal habits and where to start in forming healthy ones. It’s been a great tool in getting to know my vocal strengths and weaknesses and how to grow! She has helped me in pushing past just singing in a way that feels familiar or comfortable, in order to get better and sing with more confidence.
— Hannah McClure, Worship Leader & Recording Artist, Bethel Music

Joanna not only helped me personally with my confidence as a singer and worship leader, but she pulled the potential out of my voice by identifying weaknesses and focusing on how to strengthen my voice as a whole. I am so very thankful to have her guidance and expertise helping me reach my goals as a vocalist.
— Amy Renée Miller, Worship Leader and Recording Artist, Bethel Church

Joanna is a gifted and fun teacher. Her well trained ear identifies areas of strength as well as improvement. She has not only helped me improve my vocal quality and health, but empowered me to become a better version of me.
— Melissa How, Worship Leader & Recording Artist

After just three lessons I felt more comfortable with my voice. My range, blending and tone are constantly getting better as I use the Speech Level Singing technique. Love it!
— Kyle James Couillard, Worship Leader and Recording Artist

Joanna Finchum is simply the best. My confidence as a singer has sky-rocketed through her training. She has enabled me to add personality and strength to my voice. I recommend her to any vocalist who is wanting to develop their sound and unique style.
— Cory DeSilva, Songwriter and Recording Artist

I would recommend Joanna to anyone looking to improve their voice or their confidence level. Joanna has the rare gift of being able to teach singers of any genre, and has the skills required to teach people of any level. She helped me to connect my upper bridges, which has been a challenge of mine for years, and helped me to reach notes I never thought I would be able to comfortably reach.
— Joshua Ryan Riordan, Former BSSM student